Functional Restrictions of the SARA Demo

The following functionality is planned for the productive service, but isn't deployed on the demo yet:

  • archiving isn't permanent
  • privately archived projects cannot be retrieved from the archive
  • two example institutional repositories available for testing (see below)
  • archive and deposit licenses are placeholder
  • SARA requests write access. GitHub doesn't support read-only access to repositories (!), and GitLab's current permission model requires us to request write access.
  • The GitHub integration uses Shibboleth authentication – try it! Unfortunately most identity providers don't send all required attributes. Workaround: use GitHub without Shibboleth instead.

If you need a project for testing, fork an open source project, or create a new project and add a You will not be able to archive an empty project.

Available Institutional Repositories

  • Institutional Repository of Demo University (IRDU): Publications must be finished in the IR and then undergo a (simulated) quality review. Use the following credentials to submit your publication:

    • username:
    • password: SaraTest

  • Totally Legitimate Data Repository (TL;DR): Publications will be accepted directly. (In productive use, a quality review step would be added, but has been disabled for the demo.) To submit your publication, please use the login.