Functional Restrictions of the SARA Demo

The following functionality is planned for the productive service, but isn't deployed on the demo yet:

  • archiving isn't permanent
  • privately archived projects cannot be retrieved from the archive
  • two example institutional repositories available for testing (see below)
  • archive and deposit licenses are placeholder
  • SARA requests write access. GitHub doesn't support read-only access to repositories (!), and GitLab's current permission model requires us to request write access.
  • The GitHub integration doesn't use Shibboleth authentication because most identity providers don't send all required attributes for the demo.
  • The demo is running on fairly low resources (small RAM and a slow CPU). It will not handle large projects very well!

If you need a project for testing, fork an open source project, or create a new project and add a You will not be able to archive an empty project.

Available Institutional Repositories

  • Institutional Repository of Demo University (IRDU): Publications must be finished in the IR and then undergo a (simulated) quality review. Use the following credentials to submit your publication:
    • username:
    • password: SaraTest
  • Totally Legitimate Data Repository (TL;DR): Publications will be accepted directly. (In productive use, a quality review step would be added, but has been disabled for the demo.) To submit your publication, please use the login.

Note that both Institutional Repositories are currently offline! Archiving itself works, however "continue to bibliographical record" simply hangs forever.